Artist Adam Weinzapfel
      The question " what kind of art do you do?"  is a hard one for me to answer. 

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  No matter if its illustrating a  100 hour complex picture  with hidden images that tell a story to drawing a simple logo or getting messy  throwing paint at a canvass and getting covered in plaster and saw dust.  I don't limit my sources of creativity and loving being an artist

The answer to the question is   "I am a diverse Artist who wears many hats"

      My love for  art has inspired me create  in several  fields, mediums,  thymes  and styles.  I am a Fine, Illustrating, Commercial  Artist, who has a vast portfolio that includes multiple branches of work.  I  have had several  gallery showings including a partnership in a gallery, not only promoting my work but others as well.  I have participated in festivals, live painting events  and have a large collection of prints as well as one of a kind pieces.  I have a published illustrated  book and a comic book that I not only wrote and illustrated but also did all editing and lay outs.  I have my own designs for consumer products and I have done  design for tattoos, album covers, menu covers and tee shirts.  I also have experience with promotional art and logos for rock bands, taverns and other business  whom need art.  I also manage all my web sites and marketing.  My most unique service is portraits that tell a story. I have been working digitally for 10 years. I  have been painting for over 25 years and  have been  drawing since I could hold a pencil, as it has been my lifelong favorite past time. 90% of all my art begins sketching on a pad of paper.  I also work with Tile, Paper Mache, wood, plaster and other  materials that use my 15 years construction experience  to create one of a kind pieces.