Trees have always been one of my favorite ways to build a hidden face.

Haunting forest 2016-2017

Welcome to my web site and thanks for stopping by.  I am a diverse artist who wears many hats. Below you will find some of my personal favorites and links to see more.  I hope You enjoy.

Artist Adam Weinzapfel 

Alivia in Oz

‚Äč4  Horsemen of Death

Renew-a 3D tree

Messiah's life

Adams Gallery


Alivia in Oz,  A portrait of a child playing in her mother's ruby slippers, Her cat is the lion, the robot the tin man,  the scarecrow is close to her on her shirt, her stuffed animal is Toto, she's stands on the yellow brick rug, the wicked witch sits by on the window sill but the good witch watches over her  through the window. it feels like she's part of the painting on the wall of the emerald city.


a collection of 7  drawings


 Art Work From Artist Adam Weinzapfel

Haunting Forest, over 300 faces or skulls in the picture the deeper you look the more you will see, there is even a bunny.